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Work Exchange Program

We are always looking for motivated, like minded people to join our team.

Apply now for available jobs either you are looking for a short term volunteering work in exchange of free accommodation or looking for a career with Kimchee Guesthouse, YaKorea Hostel, and One Way Guesthouse.



Kimchee Guesthouses & YaKorea Hostels


Positions Volunteer Receptionist
Kimchee Sinchon  Available Available
Kimchee Downtown  Available Available
Kimchee Hongdae  Available Available
Kimchee Gangnam  Available Unavailable
YaKorea Dongdaemun  Available Available
YaKorea Hongdae  Unavailable Unavailable
YaKorea Itaewon  Available Available
YaKorea Gangnam  Available Available


Kimchee Guesthouses : YaKorea Hostels : One Way Guesthouse


Positions Volunteer Receptionist
Kimchee Busan Original  Available Available
Kimchee Busan Station Available Available
Kimchee Haeundae  Available Available
One Way Busan  Available Available

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